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Regular Questions

Because intensive driving courses need a lot of time in the car, we strongly suggest you to dress comfortably. It is strongly recommended that you wear low or non-heeled shoes and casual, comfortable clothing, especially in warmer weather. Please avoid wearing flip-flops, crocs, or high heels since they are difficult to drive in and may impede your progress throughout the week.

Since all students are required to pass the legally mandated eye sight test (20m) then please bring any prescription glasses or wear appropriate contact lenses that you require for driving. If it is going to be sunny then sunglasses are allowed.

If you're uncertain about how many hours you may need then I strongly suggest you have a 1 hour assessment so I can guide you as to what would be the best choice for you. Contact Us to book in for an assessment

The duration of an intensive driving course can vary depending on the driving school and the needs of the learner driver. Typically, an intensive driving course can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. The length of the course is often determined by the number of hours of driving lessons included in the course and how many lessons the learner driver can comfortably fit into their schedule. Our intensive driving courses start with as little as 2 hours of driving in a single day up to 6 hours, while others can include up to 30 hours of lessons over several days. It is important to discuss your specific needs and goals with us to determine the best course structure for you.

I accept BACS bank transfers. Details will be provided when your registration is accepted.

Intensive driving courses can be suitable for beginners, but it depends on the individual learner driver's needs and preferences. Some beginners may find that an intensive course provides them with the focused, intensive instruction they need to quickly develop their driving skills and gain confidence behind the wheel. Previous driving experience is an obvious bonus when starting an intensive course.

Yes absolutely. Contact me to discuss how many hours you are likely to need.
An intensive driving course can provide a focused, accelerated learning experience and overall we find that our pass rates are higher than the DVSA average.

Absolutely. The courses are tailored around you. When you first speak with the instructor just let them know what pace you want to learn at. Instead of a long course you can split your course into smaller ones and have time in between, if you prefer. We try to tailor courses to suit the individual.

Nobody can 100% guarantee you will pass a test first time. But I do my best to ensure that when you go for test you are technically ready for it on the day and try to do everything possible to settle any nerves.

Because everyone learns and processes information differently, there is no yes or no answer to this question, but as there are fewer techniques to master, most pupils will find it much quicker and easier to attain the necessary standard. If you have had some lessons previously and have had difficulty with clutch control or shifting gears, an automatic car may be a better option for you to learn and pass in. However, please keep in mind that if you passed an automatic driving test, you will only be permitted to drive automatic cars in the future until you pass a manual driving test. 

An intense driving course consists of a number of lessons from 2  to 6 hours per day (depending on the length of your course) over a period of time, normally a week. At the end of this series of lessons, the aim is to achieve test standard. So if you have a test date it is best to plan your course for the week before or a little sooner. This method makes intensive sessions a great solution if you want to get your driving licence as quickly as possible, or need to drive in time for a certain date in the future.
The Course is structured around tried and tested methods that we know work.

Although our intensive driving lessons do not guarantee success, I do have a pass rate that is greater than the national average. This is all down to my tried and tested method of providing quality driving instruction, lesson plans that work with a positive, supportive approach. All of this combined will maximise your chances of passing your practical exam.

3 hours of your course is reserved for your practical test, but the fee is due separately to the DVSA.

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